Operations Management Ulrichstein – screen replacement Kölzenhain

Within the scope of operations management in Ulrichstein, the project ‘Kölzenhain screen…


Landscape Heimbach

Works outing at Rur Reservoir

It was fabulous! ‘A mind without dreams is like a boat without sails!’ In search of…


Heavy duty crane chemical precipitation unit

Chemical precipitation unit for “Niersverband”

Within the scope of constructing a chemical precipitation unit at wastewater treatment plant Goch…


Working full-time with the team

Our young and innovative team is growing. Recently, Danielle Scharr and Lena Unger have started to…


Fit for Partnership with Germany – BMWi

As part of ‘Fit for Partnership with Germany’, the manager training programme of the…


Zeichnung Regenwasserbehandlung

Rainwater treatment in Calwer Straße

Earlier this year, IWR GmbH was tasked by the city of Böblingen to plan a central facility for…


Erschließung ÖdW Entwässerungsplanung

Inner development ‘östlich der Waldstraße’ in Böblingen

During the years 2012 – 2015, IWR GmbH supervised the successful development of building area…


Construction of a new combined sewer

Community measure: construction of new combined sewer As part of the redevelopment of Herrenberger…


Wastewater Disposal Management Ahnatal

The wastewater disposal management contract with the municipality of Ahnatal was extended until 31…


Tendering technical equipment ESi Siegen

Technical equipment of wastewater treatment plants is being modernised In the course of the tender…


Ingenieurbüro Siedlungswasserwirtschaft

Operations Management Ulrichstein

Due to a defective bearing of the rotational biological contactor (RBC) of wastewater treatment…


Reconstruction of a rainwater retention basin

In early 2016, IWR GmbH was tasked by Eigenbetrieb Stadtentwässerung Böblingen (SEBB) with the…


Photovoltaic systems on wastewater treatment plants

On each of the three wastewater treatment plants of the city of Ulrichstein (Bobenhausen II,…


Well at Hümmericher Mühle

The well at Hümmericher Mühle is now finished. IWR GmbH has handled the entire construction…


Coarse filtering device at stormwater overflow tank

In 2016, IWR GmbH was tasked with the planning and construction supervision of the coarse filtering…