Wastewater Disposal Facilities

Installation of basic sewerage infrastructure – decentralised and semi-centralised – in Rockenhausen

As a cooperation partner of Dr. Bruch und Partner, IWR GmbH was asked by the municipality of Rockenhausen to handle various tasks concerning planning and construction supervision of several structures/facilities of the municipality’s wastewater disposal system. Sewer tunnels, gravity sewers, pressure mains, sewer chamber modules until a depth of 5 metres and planted soil filters were built and ICE systems were installed at various structures.

Conversion of wastewater treatment plant Vadenrod

Due to the engineering supervision provided by Mr Maurer (IWR GmbH) and Mr Konle (WABO), the costs for the expansion of the wastewater pond (stabilisation pond) at the sewage treatment plant Vadenrod were significantly reduced in comparison to the initial planning and cost estimate. The increase in storage volume was cost-effectively realised through the use of the existing structures.

Culvert Böblingen

In 2014, Eigenbetrieb Stadtentwässerung Böblingen asked IWR GmbH to plan and supervise the construction of a culvert on the property of the Volksbank in Böblingen. Design, tendering, and construction supervision included a temporary sewer diversion during the construction period as well as the construction of the wastewater culvert itself. One of the central challenges in the design and construction stages was the complex nature of the sewer diversion. Furthermore, it was specified that any odour development was to be avoided.

For this reason, gas-proof manhole covers were installed. Overall, 70 metres of sewer tunnel DA 315 and two force mains DA 90 were newly built as well as three manholes, culvert entrance and outlet, and a pressure release shaft. All service phases under HOAI were completed successfully.