Pneumatic sewer systems

A pneumatic or vacuum sewer system is a special type of drainage system for which IWR GmbH is a Germany-wide industry leader in regard to both planning and implementation. Besides the planning of municipal projects we are particularly invested in the separation and drainage of individual material flows for food industry clients. In addition to the modernisation of the sewer system, a pneumatic sewer enables further recycling of the distinct material streams.

What are the typical operational conditions for pneumatic sewer systems?

  • Rural areas
  • Insufficient downhill gradient Wastewater can be moved over (small) height differences
  • Urban districts or buildings at a lower level can also be connected.
  • Obstacles in the path (e.g. watercourses, trenches, utility lines)
  • High groundwater level
  • Low population density
  • Adverse (e.g. rocky) ground conditions
  • Water protection areas
  • Sporadic / irregular occurrence of dirty water (e.g. at camping sites or weekend home areas, race courses, football stadiums etc.)
  • Locations where disruptions due to construction need to be kept to a minimum (e.g. for traffic, buildings, ground)

Investment costs can be substantially lower than for other sewer systems. Line installation takes place close to the surface, in some cases in the trench of the potable water line. This reduces the amount of earthwork and machine employment which in turn cuts construction costs and lessens the environmental impact.

Our services

IWR, who is also part of the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) work group Unterdruckentwässerung (‘Pneumatic Sewer Systems’), covers the full range of services for this particular drainage method:

  • Structural assessment of systems, if already existing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical implementation concepts
  • Planning and project handling

Our services here comprise establishing the basis of the project and concept development, holistic planning including preparation of and assistance in awarding contracts for all crafts, construction management as well as local construction supervision.

Pneumatic Sewage Systems for Dirty Water

Pneumatic sewer constructed at the high water pump station Cologne Hafenstraße for Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe (StEB) Köln.


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