Earlier this year, IWR GmbH was tasked by the city of Böblingen to plan a central facility for storm-water treatment and storage in Calwer Straße.

In view of the new leading parameter AFSfein (total suspended solids – fine) of the forthcoming working paper DWA-A 102/BWK-A 3 ‘Grundsätze zur Bewirtschaftung und Behandlung von Regenwetterabflüssen zur Einleitung in Oberflächengewässer’, a lamella settler was chosen for the treatment facility. Accordingly, a combined facility, containing a sewer with storage capacity and overflow as well as a cross flow lamella settler, is planned for the treatment and storage of surface runoff from the main road. Furthermore, additional special-purpose structures like a basin overflow and a throttling device with grit trap including technical equipment are planned. The measurement of overflow activity was considered in the design, with respect to the decree of the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg ‘Messen an RÜB’ (measuring at rainwater overflow basins). Currently, service phases 4-5 are being implemented. Construction is planned for the spring of 2020.