Vacuum drainage / Vacuum drainage

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Association of municipalities Neuerburg, Waldhof-Falkenstein

On behalf of Dr. Bruch und Partner we managed the construction site of a pneumatic sewer system in the municipality of Waldhof-Falkenstein. The completed sewer drains 50 PE through a 1.9-km-long vacuum pipe. A monitoring system supports the 22 vacuum collection chambers. Furthermore, several inflow points were detected and the illegally connected pipes closed.

Böblingen-Dagersheim, ‘Östlich der Waldstraße’

For owner-operated municipal enterprise Stadtwerke Böblingen – Stadtentwässerung we have handled the planning, tendering, construction management and local construction supervision for the improvement area ‘Östlich der Waldstraße’ since 2012. In this context, the construction of a culvert beneath the entrance of the underground car park of Volksbank Böblingen became necessary, as well as the use of pipe jacking.

Kirchbruchstraße Lünen

In 2014, IWR GmbH was tasked by Stadtbetrieb Abwasserbeseitigung Lünen AöR with the development of a concept for domestic wastewater disposal in Kirchbruchstraße in the city of Lünen. In the context of a dynamic cost-comparison calculation, we first designed four different options with the same requirement profile. The result was that a pneumatic sewer system was the most economic option relative to gravity sewers or pressure drainage. In May 2016, the design of the pneumatic sewer system was finalised and included 19 house connection sewers and a vacuum tank with a nominal capacity of V=1.6 m3. The particular challenges in planning a drainage system in Kirchbruchstraße were the confined space as well as groundwater and soil conditions.