Pneumatic Drainage / Vacuum Drainage Projects

Pneumatic drainage or vacuum drainage is our unique selling point in water management.

IWR GmbH – Your expert in pneumatic drainage

As an engineering company operating throughout Germany in the field of vacuum drainage, IWR GmbH offers comprehensive solutions for situations in which gravity drainage is impossible or not advisable for economic or technical reasons. With years of experience and a highly qualified team of engineers, we provide efficient drainage of buildings and facilities with vacuum technology. Below you will find an excerpt of our vacuum drainage projects.

Association of municipalities Neuerburg, Waldhof-Falkenstein

On behalf of Dr. Bruch und Partner, we managed the construction site of a pneumatic sewer system in the municipality of Waldhof-Falkenstein. The completed sewer drains 50 PE through a 1.9-km-long vacuum pipe. A monitoring system supports the 22 vacuum collection chambers. Furthermore, several inflow points were detected and the illegally connected pipes closed.

Municipality of Schwalmtal

Planning and supervision of the construction of a vacuum drainage system in Schwalmtal
(Hesse) Rainrod district. Conversion from combined sewer to a separate sewerage system for approx. 135
house connections and an underground vacuum station (in cooperation with Gera-based IB Köhler)
Planning and construction supervision of a vacuum drainage system in Böblingen
(SEBB) Vacuum station and approx. 110 house connections (with IB Köhler from Gera).


Eigenbetrieb Stadtentwässerung Böblingen (SEBB)

Planning and construction supervision of a vacuum drainage system in Böblingen
(SEBB) with 100 vacuum shafts and one vacuum station. Extension of the existing drainage system by approx. 15 house connections.

ENNI Stadt und Service Niederrhein AöR

Planning and construction supervision of the renewal of the vacuum station in Steinbrückenstraße in Moers.

Member of the DWA Working Group "Negative Pressure Systems"

Since 2017, we have been a member of the DWA working group ES-3.10 “Negative pressure systems” and actively contribute our expertise and experience to the design of the worksheet series “DWA-A 120 – Pumping systems outside buildings“. This supplements DIN EN 16932 with specifications so far not contained in the DIN EN standard, in order to cover nationally required contents. It also applies only in conjunction with this standard.

Böblingen-Dagersheim, ‘Östlich der Waldstraße’

For owner-operated municipal enterprise Stadtwerke Böblingen – Stadtentwässerung we have handled the planning, tendering, construction management and local construction supervision for the improvement area ‘Östlich der Waldstraße’ since 2012. In this context, the construction of a culvert beneath the entrance of the underground car park of Volksbank Böblingen became necessary, as well as the use of pipe jacking.

Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln AöR (Municipal Sewage Works Cologne)

Planning and construction supervision of a vacuum drainage system in Cologne (SteB
Köln) Vacuum station in an existing flood pumping station15 house connections /
substations for a peak load event of more than PE.

APE H&H Zahrensdorf
GmbH & Co KG

Planning and construction supervision of a vacuum drainage system in Zahrensdorf
Extension of an existing negative pressure system by approx. 30 house connections.

Municipality of Karlshuld

Ongoing: Four new vacuum lines in the area of the new fire department building.

Kirchbruchstraße Lünen

In 2014, IWR GmbH was tasked by Stadtbetrieb Abwasserbeseitigung Lünen AöR with the development of a concept for domestic wastewater disposal in Kirchbruchstraße in the city of Lünen. In the context of a dynamic cost-comparison calculation, we first designed four different options with the same requirement profile. The result was that a pneumatic sewer system was the most economic option relative to gravity sewers or pressure drainage. In May 2016, the design of the pneumatic sewer system was finalised and included 19 house connection sewers and a vacuum tank with a nominal capacity of V=1.6 m3. The particular challenges in planning a drainage system in Kirchbruchstraße were the confined space as well as groundwater and soil conditions.

Zweckverband Abwasserentsorgung Rheinhessen (ZAR)

Weak point analysis and proposal for optimization of pneumatic drainage at the
Eicher See (ZAR) Two vacuum station and approx. 650 house connection shafts

SteB Köln (Cologne)

Planning of the optimization of the vacuum station at Kapellenstraße in Cologne Rondorf (SteB
Köln) (compact station for the drainage of a school and a small residential area approx. 10

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