The company IWR GmbH (Ingenieurbüro für Wasserwirtschaft und Ressourcenmanagement) was founded in January 2012 by Dipl.-Ing. Frederik Maurer. We manage and supervise water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment projects and additionally offer operational management and municipal consulting. Through direct exchange with our clients throughout the project and on site at the construction sites, we optimize the process flow, profitability included. We critically scrutinize planning in water management, but at the same time point out obligations to act, so that a legally secure operation is guaranteed.

In close coordination with municipalities we develop feasible and safe investment plans that provide the basis for operations that are defined by their high quality and cost-effectiveness. Continuous learning and development are important elements of our business philosophy. Our young team grows with each challenge. Finding creative solutions to complex tasks is what drives us as engineers.

Our work is characterised by precision, purpose and reliability.

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