Intelligent operations management

We handle all technical and business aspects of your drinking water and wastewater facilities for you.

Experience counts

Our extensive, interdisciplinary experience is based on the long-term management of 17 municipal wastewater treatment plants. This makes us independent from third-party planning services. We know exactly what needs to be done at your wastewater treatment plant in order to comply with German law (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz – WHG – and Abwasserverordnung – AbwV.). Within the scope of operations management, IWR GmbH will take on the full responsibility for meeting the legal requirements. Through intelligent operations management, our team of highly qualified engineers will make sure that your facilities are run economically while fulfilling all legal standards on the technical level.

Our operations management services include:

  • Operations solutions for water supply and urban water management facilities
  • Optimisation of plant operation
  • Consulting services regarding compliance with legal regulations, notably concerning occupational safety and explosion protection
  • Procedure and process documentation
  • Technical safety management
  • Support for the implementation of investments (budget and financial planning)
  • Training of staff (occupational safety)
  • Handling of commercial issues
  • Recording and valuation of your fixed assets


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