Drainage concept – wastewater and rainwater + storage

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Service description

In June 2021, IWR GmbH, as a subcontractor and in cooperation withDr. Bruch & Partner Geowissenschaftler und Ingenieure Partnergesellschaft’ within the scope of a requirements analysis, a drainage concept for Stuttgart 21 development area C1 Rosensteinviertel in Stuttgart was created. Rosensteinviertel is part of Stuttgart’s city centre and has a development area of 85 ha. In addition to conserving resources through drinking water substitution and groundwater recharge as well as the adaptation to the consequences of climate change, the requirements analysis considered the specific features of the development area. The particular challenges in the requirements analysis were:

Minimising the additional load on the existing drainage MWK DN 1000
Adapting drinking water use to the resource-conserving handling of fresh water reserves

Taking these needs into account, the requirements analysis was comprised of the following four subareas:

1. Grey water utilization concept
2. Black water disposal concept

3. Precipitation water management

4. Storage of precipitation water and grey water for irrigation

IWR GmbH has concerned itself with subareas 2) Black water disposal concept and 4) Storage of precipitation water and grey water.

Black water disposal concept

General description of possible drainage methods (gravity drainage, pressure drainage and vacuum drainage)
Discussion of drainage methods in relation to the development area

Representation of advantages and disadvantages of the drainage methods in a variant comparison according to the following criteria:

  • Construction-related aspects
  • Qualitative cost comparison calculation
  • Maintenance frequency
  • Aspects specific to the development area

Storage of precipitation water and grey water

Evaluation of the storage of grey water
Evaluation of the storage, treatment and retention of rainwater
– Analysis of various options for integrating stormwater storage, treatment, and retention into a global stormwater design. Focus: cascade arrangement.
Variant analysis of semicentral and central arrangements of rainwater storage and retention according to the following criteria:

  • Construction-related advantages and disadvantages
  • Qualitative cost comparison calculation
  • Operation and maintenance

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(Image source: LHS Stuttgart)