Operations consulting

We will answer your questions regarding the management of your potable water and wastewater facilities. In contrast to the operations management model, in this case we only undertake specific tasks. Besides working with municipalities we also offer our consulting services to private clients.

In addition to conventional operations management we offer operations consulting services for municipal and private clients. In contrast to the operations management model, where we take full responsibility for wastewater disposal, here only specific aspects of it are delegated to IWR GmbH. The overall responsibility in the legal sense stays with the operator of the facility or else the municipality in charge. We are happy to work on operational solutions for your urban water management facility – together with you and on-site.

Our services include:

  • Consultation with highly-skilled engineers
  • Optimisation of the operation of your wastewater treatment plant in regards to raw materials, use of energy, as well as cleaning performance
  • Handling of organisational / legal matters, creation of operation manuals, explosion protection and prevention concepts, as-built documentation, recurring inspections etc.
  • Construction planning to requirements in accordance with DIN 18205 (Brief for building design)
  • Instruction and additional qualification of personnel as required by law
  • Sustainable management of all facilities including outdoor constructions (overflow basins for rainwater, storage sewers, pump stations etc.)
  • Comparison of design options to optimise process technology
  • Project management and coordination of your measures
  • Quick problem solving in the event of damage
  • Writing of the Water Protection Report
  • Network calculations
  • Budgeting
  • Replacement staff for personnel on holiday or sick leave

Industrial wastewater

Industrial water consumption exceeds the consumption of private households many times over and constitutes a considerable expense factor for industrial production. When it comes to industrial wastewater treatment, bespoke solutions are needed for the unique wastewater composition of each particular case. Certain contaminants and micropollutants cannot be entirely removed with the usual purification processes. Therefore targeted treatment techniques, the efficient use of the precious water resource and the reduction of wastewater are crucial for cost effectiveness. We will help you optimise your processes of water treatment, purification and maintenance.


  • Process water concepts
  • Optimisation and rehabilitation of existing facilities
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Structural and procedural design
  • Construction management and supervision for non-residential and industrial sewerage systems
  • Process optimisation and emission reduction
  • Energy and water efficiency in industrial water and wastewater purification


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