Effective solution for the reduction of infiltration water

As subcontractors of our partner office, Dr. Bruch und Partner, we recently jointly planned the first section of the Körperich sewer rehabilitation for the Südeifelwerke. The goal of the project was to reduce infiltration water in the community’s drainage system and thus lessen the load on the wastewater treatment plant. A trenchless rehabilitation method using pipe lining was used to achieve this goal. The planning process also included the rehabilitation of damaged manholes.

Pipe lining method for sewer rehabilitation

Pipe lining is a modern, inexpensive and effective method of rehabilitating sewers. It involves inserting a pipe liner, e.g. made of GRP, into the existing sewer, setting it up and curing it. This creates a pipe within the pipe. With this method, cracks and leaks in the sewer network can be repaired economically.

The rehabilitation of the shafts was tendered to be renewed, for example, with mortar lining or via grouting of the infiltrations with packers, depending on the type of damage.

What’s next?

Currently, we are in the process of implementing the planned measure. The completion of the first construction phase is scheduled for July 31, 2023. Afterwards, the rehabilitation of the remaining sections will be implemented successively.

If you are also interested in professional sewer rehabilitation, we are at your disposal. Contact us for a consultation and a customized concept for your project.

Sewer rehabilitation Körperich Setting up the pipe linerSetting up the working equipment at the starting shaft of a rehabilitation site.

Sewer rehabilitation Körperich GRP pipe linerTarget shaft: the GRP pipe liner is installed and a UV light chain is pulled through it for curing.

More information about the method of pipe lining.