The exhibition ‘Wasser’

The exhibition Wasser (German for ‘water’) at Kunstverein 68elf is all about the precious element we deal with every day. So it was only natural to plan a company outing to this very exhibition in Cologne-Porz.

On Wednesday, the 17th of May, we went to the Zündorfer Wehrturm, a medieval fortified tower which is one of the three exhibition sites. Our team was impressed by the thoughtful selection of artworks and the different takes on the theme of water. Changes in our relationship to water throughout the world became particularly apparent in works that address situations where there is too little or too much of this indispensable element. Artists from numerous countries showed in their work how the irresponsible use of resources puts the future of our planet at risk, how access to water ceases to be guaranteed, and how water demands respect.

Lasting impressions

The exhibition reverberates. The aesthetics of a woodcut, the caressing flow of water. Mudcracks that once were only known from deserts but now are appearing on the banks of the Rhine or in Porz’s Scheuermühlenteich. And not least a work at the beginning of the exhibition. It refers to the discrepancy between the horrors of the flood disaster in 2021 – when the Ahr and other rivers breached their banks – and the bureaucratic reaction to it. After the museum visit, we finished off the excursion with a glass of Kölsch next to the Rhine in Porz.

Exhibition Water, Resource and Basis of Life for All People

Federica Collini at the exhibition WASSER in the Zündorfer Wehrturm

Zündorfer Wehrturm - Kölnisches Stadtmuseum