Great results at triathlon!

Last Sunday at the Carglass Köln Triathlon 2023, IWR was represented by two relay teams team among the 3.123 triathletes who started in the sprint distance competition. In fantastic weather conditions, relay team “IWasseR” (Marvin Elsbecker, Jonathan Wittmann, Dennis Bastian) took second place and relay team “IWAir” (Tobias Viehl, Frederik Maurer, Federica Collini) eleventh. Much of the route led along one of the most famous streams in Germany: the Rhine. Water-technical structures such as flood protection devices could also be spotted along the way, which are of course highly interesting for us as an engineering company.

IWR employee Federica Collini runs in the Köln Carglass Triathlon Marvin Elsbecker leaves the water after swimming in the Carglass Köln Triathlon

The atmosphere at this race in our hometown was amazing, and spurred IWR’s successful athletes on. A big thank you to the organisers and the city of Cologne for this great sporting event – we look forward to next year’s competition.

Exercise is healthy!

Dipl.-Ing. Frederik Maurer remarked after the triathlon: “Endurance sport can prolong life, that has been scientifically proven. At the same time it should be fun. Our team had a good time and achieved a great result.” And Federica Collini added: “We see it time and time again: after a serious illness or major surgery, you recover more quickly if your heart and lungs are well trained.” The six triathletes’ message was that exercise is often neglected in everyday life, so endurance training is irreplaceable, i.e. in terms of physical, but also mental fitness. Dennis Bastian: “We wanted to show that you can keep up athletically even in middle age.”

Team IWR at the Carglass Köln Triathlon Award ceremony at the Carglass Köln Triathlon

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