Founding of IWR

On 30 January 2012, IWR GmbH (Ingenieurbüro für Wasserwirtschaft und Ressourcenmanagement) based in Cologne was founded by Frederik Maurer. Its central services are

the supervision of municipal water supply facilities and wastewater treatment facilities
as well as operations consulting for municipalities.
IWR understands itself as a centre of competence – we share knowledge, we ask questions and contribute ideas. This is particularly valuable for smaller municipalities who may not have the means to maintain in-house engineering know-how.

We think outside the box when it comes to water management-related planning but also advise clients on how to ensure legal compliance.

In close coordination with municipalities, we develop feasible and safe investment plans to provide the basis for operations that are defined by their high quality and cost-effectiveness.

We don’t hide behind our desks but instead are happy to lend a hand on site. By getting to know every plant and facility thoroughly, we are able to save costs together with the local staff. Our engineering office is looking forward to all upcoming tasks and challenges.