Assignment by SEBB

One consequence of the modification of the Volksbank building in Böblingen were changes underground. IWR GmbH and the engineering office Köhler from Gera have therefore been commissioned by the Eigenbetrieb Stadtentwässerung Böblingen with the planning and construction supervision of a culvert. A special feature of this structure is that in dry weather the wastewater is pumped and only in rainy weather the combined sewer is activated. The manholes at culvert entrance and outlet were executed in PE.

What is a culvert?

It is an underpass that passes under an obstacle such as a river or a road. The structure is used to connect two separate areas and allow the flow of people, animals or objects without having to cross the obstacle. Different materials such as concrete, steel or plastic can be used for manufacturing, and the shape can vary depending on the size and purpose.