In order to keep our expertise up to date and to expand it, we attach great importance to continuing education and training within the team. Our employees regularly participate in continuing education events and conferences. The following training courses and conferences have been attended by IWR staff within the last six months:

  • Anomaly detection based on acoustic data (Fraunhofer IDMT)
  • Saving energy with drive technology (ABB)
  • Basics of wastewater treatment plant operation (DWA)
  • Photovoltaic systems – planning, installation, maintenance, accidents, availability, contracts (Technische Akademie Esslingen)
  • New Waste Water Ordinance – What is required? Softening of requirements for small wastewater treatment plants in Germany (ATB Water)
  • EN 12566, the European standard for small sewage treatment plants. Status and prospects (ATB Water)
  • Demonstration of BIM in WaWi on the basis of a sewer network (DWA)
  • BIM application at Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband (DWA)
  • “Certified Quality Assurance Officer FB according to RAL GZ 507”.
  • “EXPERT 1 to RAL GZ 507 – appointed external supervisor liquid soil”.
  • IKT product tests “Liquid Soils (ZFSV) in Sewer Construction”.
  • iTWO AVA basics training
  • iTWO Cost monitoring with iTWO
  • DWA Property Drainage Days
  • “RAL GZ 507 – appointed external supervisor liquid soil” practical seminar
  • Contract design and supplementary management of the planner
  • Disputes in the execution of architect and engineer contracts and how to avoid them
  • 19th Award Day Baden-Württemberg

We will still be attending the 6th Stormwater Overflow Basin Expert Forum (2021) in May.