Drainage concept required for forestry training centre

Due to the renaturation of the River Emscher in the area of the previous wastewater discharge point of the RVR forestry training centre Emscherbruch, a new drainage concept for the site of the training centre is required. IWR GmbH was commissioned by Regionalverband Ruhr, Division IV – Environment and Green Infrastructure, with the approval planning of this drainage concept. Wastewater and rainwater from the site were previously discharged untreated into the Emscher River in a combined system.

Discharge at the Emscherbruch forestry training centre Drainage concept for Emscherbruch forestry training centre must be redesigned

Construction of a small wastewater treatment plant according to DWA-A 131 planned

As part of the planned renaturation of the River Emscher, the drainage at the forestry training centre is to be adapted to current guidelines and redesigned accordingly. The new drainage plan provides for the unbundling of the combined sewage network and the construction of a small wastewater treatment plant for 20 PE according to DWA-A 131, which is to treat the sewage before it is discharged into the Emscher. In addition, the approval of an existing infiltration trench for rainwater is planned in accordance with DWA-A 138.

Overview of our services regarding drainage planning.

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