Water protection reports for SEBB

Since 2015, we have been writing the annual water protection reports for Stadtentwässerung Böblingen SEBB. This process involves a two-day inspection of the discharge points together with SEBB's operating staff as well as photographic documentation, providing the basis for our subsequent asessment of the individual discharge points. The water protection report for 2017 has just been completed.

Flugfeldklinikum Böblingen-Sindelfingen

Between Böblingen and Sindelfingen, a new hospital - the Flugfeldklinikum - is going to be built. For the realisation of the project, sewage pipes have to be redirected. Furthermore, the existing gravity pipeline will be turned into a pressure line. We are looking forward to executing the planning contract. The contracting entity is Stadtentwässerung Böblingen SEBB.

Ein Kanalschacht wird vermessen

Development of Ulrichstein Langewiese

In Oktober 2017, we tendered the development of building area Langewiese in Ulrichstein. Together with Stadtverwaltung Ulrichstein we were able to reduce the trench width for the laying of the potable water line and the sewage pipe. In addition, the reuse of construction material has various positive effects. Besides saving material and the respective costs, it leads to a soil improvement which in turn reduces the disposal costs in the context of the civil engineering works significantly.

DWA workshop Pipe Ramming

Mr Kleine-Tebbe took part in the DWA event 'Rohrvortrieb - verbesserte Wirtschaftlichkeit durch neue Techniken' (Pipe Ramming - improved cost efficiency through new techniques) in Kassel on 15 November 2017. Besides requirements, tendering, award of contract, construction supervision and billing, specific pipe ramming techniques were discussed.

Optimisation of sewage sludge disposal Habichtswald

We were asked by the municipality of Habichtswald to develop a concept for the optimisation of their sewage sludge disposal. Yesterday, the presentation of the offer to the municipal executive board took place and we hope to achieve a good result.

UFT-Akademie 'Entwässerungssysteme und Regenbecken'

Umwelt- und Fluid-Technik Dr. H. Brombach GmbH with its departments Hydro-Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Service and Maintenance, and Scientific Services is specialised in stormwater management. On behalf of IWR GmbH, Mr Kleine-Tebbe attended the 11th UFT-Akademie and advanced training course with the topic 'Entwässerungssysteme und Regenbecken: Planen, Bauen, Messen' (Drainage Systems and Stormwater Tanks: Planning, Construction, Measuring) in Ratingen on October 9.

DWA workshop Explosion Protection Documents

Frederik Maurer took part in the DWA-run 'Workshop zur Optimierung von Explosionsschutzdokumenten' (Workshop for the Optimisation of Explosion Protection Documents) in Hennef. Participants discussed the explosion protection documents that they had created previously. Different approaches were contrasted, proposals for improvements were developed, and specific issues regarding explosion protection at wastewater facilities were scrutinised.

WBV Dörnberg - Operations Management contract until 2020

The association assembly of Wasserbeschaffungsverband (WBV) Dörnberg decided to extend its collaboration with IWR GmbH for three more years, until 2020. We would like to express our gratitude for the successful cooperation and look forward to working together in the same constructive manner. Since 2012, IWR GmbH has been in charge of technical management for WBV Dörnberg. From 2018 we will also handle the commercial management.

Operation manual for wastewater treatment plant Zeulenroda

In 2016, we were given the opportunity to create the operation manual for wastewater treatment plant Zeulenroda, and now we are happy to report that our cooperation with WAZ Zeulenroda will continue in 2017. Together with their great wastewater treatment team we are creating the operation manuals for the wastewater treatment plants Auma, Triebes, Langenwetzendorf, and Hohenleuben. Today we visited all of the facilities, took photographs and received 53 kg of files to sift through. On this basis, we hope to develop operation manuals that will be much more than mere dust collectors on a shelf.

Operation manual Zeulenroda - Auma and Triebes

In mid-2016, we were asked to create the operation manual for wastewater treatment plant Zeulenroda in cooperation with Wasserbehandlungs- und Abwasserbehandlungswerke Zeulenroda, and now we are looking forward to doing the same for wastewater treatment plants Auma and Triebes. The operation manuals will contain the routine tasks as well as directions for action in extraordinary operating situations and the necessary rules for occupational safety.